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If you don’t have a sufficient pension you will be faced with a significant drop in income when you retire. The maximum current state pension is €238.30 per week for an individual but it can be much less than this if you are self-employed or have not paid sufficient PRSI contributions. The time to start your pension is today; any delay will make it harder for you to achieve your retirement goals. Call us today and will take you through your available options on pensions.


● In 2011 you will get full tax relief for your pension contributions at your top rate of tax. If

you are paying the top rate of tax at 40% the government will effectively fund €410

through tax relief of every €1,000, you contribute to your pension.

● Your pension fund grows tax-free.

● At retirement, you are entitled to a tax-free lump sum.

● If you have appropriately funded your pension at retirement you will have a fund that

allows you to maintain your lifestyle.

ODM Financial Advisers has strong expertise in structuring pensions to match your circumstances. Contact us for a consultation to discuss the pension options available to you.