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What We Do

At ODM Financial Advisers we put you our client at the centre of everything we do. We recognise that everyone’s financial needs and circumstances are different. We are client focused rather than product focused and as an Independent Financial Adviser, we guarantee you access to the most competitive and appropriate products in the marketplace.

We believe it is vitally important that we understand your overall financial situation so that every financial action we agree on, supports your overall financial plan. Therefore, we recommend that every client avails of our unique 6 step personal financial review program: Aspire

ASPIRE is a unique 6 step financial review program to secure your future.

  • ASSESS your current financial position
  • SET your financial goals
  • PLAN your appropriate financial action
  • IMPLEMENT your agreed financial action plan
  • REVIEW your results and circumstances regularly
  • EVOLVE your financial strategy when appropriate


You get a clear and understandable picture of your existing financial situation.

A list of areas are identified that require immediate attention.

An impartial Financial Adviser will work with you to devise a financial plan appropriate to your needs.

We will ensure that each decision taken supports your overall financial plan.

Our impartial Financial Adviser status guarantees you access to the most competitive and appropriate products in the marketplace.

Regular reviews to cater for changes in your circumstances.

Once we get a complete picture of your financial situation, we will then address the financial products and services relevant to you that will support your overall financial plan.

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