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Have You Left Employment With Ulster Bank Recently?

Mar 14

Were you a member of Ulster Bank’s defined benefit pension scheme? Did you receive a letter last week about your pension, and was it mentioned that Ulster Bank is offering an Enhanced Transfer Value to its ex-employees?

If you didn’t receive a letter, you must contact Wills Tower Watson, or we have a service here where we will inquire on your behalf. All we need from you is the authority to do so. This is done by way of a ‘letter of authority’.

The offer will close in full on the 24th of June 2024, so it would be wise to act now and get all the information you need to enable you to make what could be a crucial decision. That might have a huge financial impact over the long term.

You will have three options as to what you do with your pension scheme:

  1. Do nothing with it and leave it as is.
  2. Arrange for a default Personal Retirement Bond with Mercer.
  3. Arrange Personal Retirement Bond with a life company of your choice and take 100% control of how your money is invested.

All of the above has to be addressed by the 24th of June, so don’t delay. Reach out as soon as possible and give yourself all the time in the world to understand the offer and what it could mean for you and your family.

Whatever option you choose, it’s vital that you take professional advice, as this may well be one of the biggest financial decisions you make. We are available to anyone who wants to reach out on:

Kieran Hurley QFA RPA PTP / khurley@nullodmfinancial.ie

Dan Murphy QFA / dmurphy@nullodmfinancial.ie


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