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A Financial Wellness Program For Your Employees

Jul 01

To All Employers In Ireland,

A recent survey by PWC shows that 45% of employees are worried about paying day-to-day expenses, heightened by the recent cost of living increases.

In my experience, many people worry about their finances. It can be difficult for them to express their feelings on this cause of stress. However, much of this worry is unnecessary; engaging a good, knowledgeable, all-round Financial Planner can alleviate a lot of these worries. At least that is my experience over the past 20 years in doing this job.

I feel that employers can do more to help their employees with their financial planning. This in turn can help build happier teams and create a more productive workforce. A win-win for all.

So I put this question of all employers. Have you ever thought of offering your employees a one-on-one consultation with a financial expert?

Here at ODM, we can provide your employees with a holistic financial dashboard so that they can better track and plan their cash savings, investments, loans, mortgages etc. By offering such a benefit to your workforce, you are helping increase their financial well-being.

For more information, email me at khurley@nullodmfinancial.ie.

Kieran Hurley QFA RPA PTP

(Pension Trustee Practitioner)

Senior Financial Planning Manager & Head of Retail Sales

Kieran Hurley - - ODM Financial Advisors, Cork - Expert Financial Advice


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